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Montreal Eats | Food Travel Vlog | Where We Ate | Where To Go For Ice Cream In Montreal

Montreal Eats | Food Travel Vlog | Where We Ate | Where To Go For Ice Cream In Montreal



This is probably the 6-7th time we’ve been to this city. Montreal has a great vibe, great architecture (just like in Ottawa), full of stylish people for sure, lots of restaurants and nightlife spots.

Old Montreal and Saint Catherine St. are definitely just a couple of their tourists’ best spots to see. Even though I have been here a few times, there are still a ton of great places I have yet to see.

I must say the Kazu Japanese restaurant place was probably one of the best restaurants I’ve tried here in Montreal, located in St. Catherine St. Along this street, you’ll find other great places to eat as well.

The Kazu Japanese restaurant was crazy busy, insanely busy actually. I have to say that lining up for more than half an hour was worth it. The lineup moved quite fast. The vibe inside of this restaurant has a very authentic feel to it, but it’s definitely not the type of place you want to eat and ‘relax’.  Although the staff was not in any way rushing us, we couldn’t help but feel just slightly rushed because this tiny place was intensely busy, you could see the lineup and it would be inconsiderate if you would go there taking your sweet time to finish your food:) The staff politely handed us the menu whilst lined up outside – you know what this means – look at the menu and decide what you want so you already know what to order once seated.

Once we were done supper, we headed for some sweets! So we decided to head for some ice cream and oh boy, did I ever pick a good spot for this! The ice cream, called La Diperie, was to die for! It wasn’t the ice cream itself but the toppings they have, they have tons of sauces and toppings. Definitely a must-try when you go visit Montreal.

It was a short but sweet visit but we plan on visiting again this summer and most likely try new places to chow down and of course I’ll be vlogging that as well. What’s your favorite spot to eat in Montreal? Leave a comment below. Thanks for watching guys!

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