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Sticky Honey Garlic Beef Recipe

Sticky Honey Garlic Beef Recipe

Here’s a quick video how to make this delicious honey garlic beef. It’s packed with tasty Asian flavored ingredients.

The honey in the beef mixed with garlic creates such a sweet flavor and who doesn’t like the taste of garlic?! Want to make it sweet and spicy? Just add fresh chilis or Sriracha!

This dish is great with rice or rice noodles like Vermicelli. You can also use thick noodles such as udon noodles, ramen, soba, your options are endless!

If you want this dish to be a lot ‘stickier’ add in more honey.

Don’t be afraid to try this and modify it to your liking. The beauty of cooking at home is you get to control how much or how less you put in your dish.

Enjoy guys!


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