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How To Make Ginger Carrot Salad Dressing

How To Make Ginger Carrot Salad Dressing

Easy Ginger Carrot Salad Dressing

Do you guys love bento boxes from your favorite Japanese restaurant? I know I do! This is when I first had a taste of the ginger carrot salad dressing. Now I’m sure Japanese cuisine have more salad dressing recipes other than this one but I would say this is the most common one as this is the kind of dressing they use in the salad that’s included in the bento box meals you would get in the restaurant.

Some restaurants can make it really well while others could be nah, a bit bland. I didn’t think of this much then and never thought of making it at home until my sister-in-law who’s born and raised in Japan made this dressing for one of our dinner gatherings!

She would make this often during family gathering dinners or occasions. I remember the first time she served this, I was like “wow, this is better than the one they’d serve at a restaurant!”

She kept telling me it was easy to make. Even though I liked it so much I didn’t really start making this at home until we moved away! I missed this salad dressing so much so I thought I might as well make it since my SIL isn’t around to make it for me lol.

It’s really hard to mess this up guys as all you really need to do is put all the ingredients in the blender and serve!

Ingredients used in this video:

9oz carrot (coarsely chopped)
4oz white onion
3/4 inch ginger
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup organic canola oil (any neutral flavor oil is ok)
1 Tbsp coconut sugar
Himalayan salt (to taste)

…and blend in the blender. Voila!

Best paired with thinly sliced lettuce, cucumber and some tomatoes.

Enjoy guys!


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