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Quick and Easy Coffee Dessert Frappuccino

Quick and Easy Coffee Dessert Frappuccino
Easy Coffee Dessert without all the refined sugar!

Here’s a SUPER quick and so easy to make coffee banana frappe you can make at home.

This is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Sometimes after dinner or lunch, you’re just craving something sweet! This is great because you only need a few ingredients. And the best part is that it’s pretty much a dessert WITHOUT any refined sugar. Score!

If you want to go just a little crazy, go ahead and add some whipped cream on top!

You can control the smoothie’s thickness by how much milk you put in this, the less liquid the thicker it will be.

Fast forward to 0:52 sec if you want to jump right to it.


Espresso – I used my handy dandy Nespresso machine

Ice cubes

Frozen banana

Coconut Milk

Cocoa powder



Thank you so much for watching guys!




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