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Vancouver City Eats | Food Travel Vlog In Vancouver, BC

Vancouver City Eats | Food Travel Vlog In Vancouver, BC

Here’s a video of our recent trip to Van City, BC. I went to Vancouver for the marathon weekend Health, Sports and Lifestyle expo for our Yatta Life ( brand and in between the expo times, I thought I’d share with you guys what we ate since my channel is mostly about food recipes, food travel, family and food LOL.

I can’t leave without saying cab drivers in Vancouver rocks! Rocks as in no one tried to scam me. If you take the cab frequently then you know what I mean or maybe you’ve just been lucky you haven’t experienced any of that taxi, cab scam whatever you want to call it. All the cab drivers I’ve encountered in Vancouver were pretty nice – and asked if it was ok that they’re on their phone. Lol yes, 6 out 7 were on their phone during the ride.

Although I have been in Vancouver twice in the past, this was really the only time I got a chance to kind of explore it. ‘Kind of’ because there are still lots of places I haven’t seen. Last time I was in Van city I was still in my teens and wasn’t in the exploring/travel mode yet.

There’s so much to see and places to eat in Vancouver. I would like to explore more of their Chinatown, Granville, and Gastown area. I heard two popular places to hike there – Grouse Grinds and BCMC which I would love to do when I visit Van City next.

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